Asia is a continent teeming with diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and a tapestry of histories. From the majestic peaks of the Himalayas (which I have yet to see) to the serene, hidden beaches of Vietnam, the continent offers a treasure trove of experience for everyone.

And then there's the amazing culinary journey you can take, that leaves your taste buds craving for more. From everything that I experienced in this place, literally, anyone can find their own paradise in Asia.


Although I've only visited Morocco, Africa is a continent laden with all kinds of wonders and secrets. While some are obvious and admired throughout the ages like the great treasures of Egytp, others, like Moroco, are less known.

Forget the lavish 5-star hotels and all-in-one pre-packaged trips, and you'll find a world from a fantasy book. At least it was like that for me!


Europe is a continent adorned with architectural marvels, old castles of brave knights, and ancient ruins of great nations of the past. Who could say no? 

Europe's history is woven nto its cities, offering a glimpse into ancient civilizations, medieval times, and the birth of modernity.

Adorable little bakeries in Denmark, the most fragrant specialty cheese shops in France, the most delicious pizzas in old restaurants of Italy and that's just barely to name a few.